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Kroger Feedback – Www.Kroger.Com/Feedback

Kroger Feedback (Kroger customer satisfaction survey) allows Kroger’s customers to share their feedback and opinions. Upon completing this survey, you can receive 50 Fuel Points to your loyalty card account.

The Kroger company conducts an online survey that takes 3 to 5 minutes and allows customers to share their opinions on their recent in-store or pharmacy shopping experiences. It is an opportunity for you to voice your views about Kroger’s store visit.

Kroger customer satisfaction survey

The Kroger receipt contains all the details mentioned above and is valid only for seven days from the purchase date.

Aim Of

Kroger Feedback is a powerful tool for the company to gather customer satisfaction via an online survey at

From the feedback received, the company learns what customers appreciate and what needs improvement.

Customers share their opinions and contribute to improvement. As an incentive, they can also earn 50 fuel points.

Previously, the survey was available at various websites like, &

Kroger Feedback Rewards For Participant

As a participant, you will receive 50 fuel points for taking the survey at

After completion, you will get fuel points to your loyalty card account.

For that, you must provide the Loyalty card number or alternate I.D. phone number if it is connected to the card.

In the past, the customer was also given a chance to enter a $5000 Sweepstakes.

What Do You Need To Leave Feedback At Kroger.Com?

To start the customer satisfaction survey at, you will need to enter:

Kroger's receipt
  • Entry ID on your receipt
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

If your receipt doesn’t have an Entry ID, you need the following information:

  • Store Phone Number: Enter ten digits with no spaces or other characters (ex. 5613211234).
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

Note: Make sure to enter the number correctly so you can get fuel points! The survey system requires this information to link your visit to a specific store.

Kroger Feedback Rules, Requirements, & Terms.

  • is only available for the legal residents of the United States.
  • The entrant must be 18 years old.
  • Employees of the Kroger Company and immediate family members are not eligible.
  • Customers who made a purchase and have the receipt handy within seven days can enter the customer voice survey.

Kroger.Com Feedback Details For Participant

Survey URL:www.Kroger.Com/Feedback
Survey Prize:50 Fuel Points
Languages:English and Espanol
Kroger Survey Is Open To:USA residents
Age limit:18 years
Receipt Valid For:Seven (7) days
Survey Time:Five minutes
Entry Limit:One entry per receipt
Here are the brief details for participating in the Kroger customer survey at

How Do You Take Kroger Feedback At Www.Kroger.Com/Feedback?

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps to take official Kroger Feedback at

  1. Visit

    You need to access the official Kroger customer satisfaction survey at

  2. Choose Language:

    Please select a language from English and Espanol to answer survey questions.
    Choose a language to complete Kroger survey

  3. Fill in Kroger store visiting information from your receipt:

    Enter the survey I.D., date of visit, and time of visit from your receipt in the desired fields on the survey portal home page.
    Fill Kroger store visiting details from the receipt

  4. Provide Your Feedback To Kroger:

    Rate your satisfaction with the services offered at the Kroger store. Provide genuine feedback to improve Kroger’s quality of services.

    Provide your feedback to the Kroger

  5. Earn 50 Fuel Points:

    To receive 50 fuel points, you need to enter the Loyalty card details or the attached phone number.
    Earn 50 Fuel points as a bonus for taking the Kroger survey

Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey Questionnaire

The set of questions will help the company understand your experience of shopping for groceries at the Kroger store.

  1. What was the purpose of your visit to the Kroger store?
  2. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your most recent visit to the Kroger store?
  3. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with Employees’ friendliness, availability, and willingness to assist in departments throughout the store?
  4. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the condition of the aisles, ease of moving through the store, location of the store, and cleanliness of the store?
  5. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the ease of using coupons and the checkout process?
  6. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with products: variety, freshness, availability, pricing, and quality?
  7. Please rate your satisfaction with the following departments: Beauty Care, Murray’s Cheese, Personal Care, Fresh Produce, Bakery, Center Store, Deli, Meat and Seafood, Dairy, and Household Needs.
  8. Based on your experience, how likely would you be to recommend Kroger to your friends and family members?

How Does A Customer Satisfaction Survey Help Improve Kroger Company’s Performance?

As you stroll through the aisles of your local Kroger store, you might not realize that behind the scenes, a powerful force is at work.

Kroger, being the largest grocery retailer in the United States, isn’t just about stocking shelves with fresh produce and friendly employees.

It’s also on a mission to create a positive experience for its nearly half a million employees and millions of customers.

The Challenge: Keeping Every Customer Happy

Imagine being the third-largest employer in the U.S. That’s Kroger’s reality. But running a lean, employee-focused organization while keeping everyone happy is complex. Processes are essential, but to attract the best talent and continue growing, Kroger needed more. They needed to understand how their associates were dealing with new challenges and opportunities.

The Solution: Listening to every consumer’s opinion

Traditionally, Kroger relied on an annual engagement survey. It was the one time a year when every associate could be heard, from a bagger to the CEO. However, as the industry evolved, Kroger faced uncertainty and change. There were other options than waiting for the following annual survey. They needed ongoing insights.

Enter Qualtrics. With this powerful platform, Kroger transformed its approach. Now, it’s an ongoing conversation with employees throughout the year. The People Analytics team conducts studies at scale and acts on insights instantly—no more waiting. No more guessing.

The Impact: Better Satisfied & Happier Kroger Family

With Qualtrics, Kroger has evolved into a company that listens. Associates feel heard, valued, and part of something bigger. It’s not just about groceries; it’s about people. And when people are happy, they serve customers better. Kroger’s commitment to positive experiences extends from the checkout line to the boardroom.

So next time you pick up that fresh loaf of bread or grab a bunch of juicy grapes, remember that behind it all, Kroger is listening, learning, and growing.

Customer Service


How do I get fuel points from the Kroger survey?

To get 50 free points from the Kroger survey, you must purchase items from the store and take their customer voice survey at

How do I give feedback to Kroger?

You can share your opinions on your recent Kroger store experience at their customer satisfaction survey website.

What is Kroger’s customer service number?

Please call 1-866-511-6854 or 1-800-KROGERS (1-800-576-4377) or send an email to [email protected].

What if I lost my receipt? Can I still participate in the survey?

Yes, you can participate in the survey without a purchase receipt. Here is the link.

Disclaimer: This website is not associated with the Kroger. This is an independent website and is not associated with any merchant mentioned in any of the guidance. All the products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We provide details of the Survey and official links to the portal.

29 thoughts on “Kroger Feedback – Www.Kroger.Com/Feedback”

  1. I always use self-checkout because it is more convenient for me. Any employee working at those stations is always helpful. However, Savannah seems to go out of her way to be aware when a customer needs assistance and is always smiling and very pleasant. Also, I have never had a negative encounter with any employee at Kroger! Kudos!

  2. I like shopping at Kroger. The people at the Danville, WV store are super helpful and always ready to serve your needs. My only problem is that several of the coupons that offer great deals are available only to pick-up or delivery customers. I live about 20 miles from my Kroger, and delivery is not available in my area. I don’t mind picking up, but sometimes I do last-minute shopping. This makes me feel like Krogers needs to needs to value its in-store customers.

  3. Mt. Zion Decatur, Illinois, has great employees, from the new hires to the veteran staff. It’s clean and stocked as well as possible.

  4. I have always been pleased with Kroger’s service. The staff is always available to answer my questions and help me locate items. Kroger is my favorite store because of the pleasant staff and the availability of items I like to purchase. I highly recommend Kroger to friends and neighbors. Keep up the excellent service.

  5. We have always shopped at Kroger while living in Ohio and Michigan. We lived in South Carolina for four years and always used PUBLIX. We have found Krogers to be consistent in product selection and quality. We currently live in Fremont, Ohio, and use the Kroger store on the west side of town. Even during the pandemic, we stocked up on groceries at Kroger. And other supplies at Kroger. My wife likes to surprise family and friends with her specialties like orange juice cans and her special beef cooked for hours with a mixture of seasonings and Au Juice blended for the gravy. Parking is always convenient, and I fill my cars at the Kroger Store or near our neighborhood in Ballville, which is on the southeast side of Fremont.

  6. Kroger in Richmond, KY, is the best. It’s clean, always items in the shelves, friendly service and products are great.

  7. Our Kroger in Macon, GA, is always great to shop. They always have what we are looking for with great deals. The staff at check out is always nice and respectful.

  8. I often shop in the Kroger stores in Paducah, Ky. I like to use digital coupons and feel as if I save money using them, especially in today’s economy. Earning fuel points for another saving is an extra bonus!

  9. Kroger’s in Beavercreek always has a good selection of meats, produce, and frozen foods. I enjoy shopping there.

  10. I shop at Kroger in Westland, MI, very often. Enjoy the staff and the cleanliness of the store. Everything is well stocked. The staff is very polite and knowledgeable.

  11. I had a great shopping experience at the store on the corner of Fairlawn and 21st Street, with Melinda as my checkout person.

  12. Everyone at the Kroger in Walled Lake is very friendly and helpful. They always have great selections. I love the Salmon in the market area! Everything is always fresh and of good quality. It’s always clean, and they have a wonderful floral department with beautiful flowers and arrangements. I love my local Kroger store and keep going back. We also get great rewards points for fuel, coupons, and cashback. Thank you, Kroger!

  13. I usually use the Barnes Crossing Kroger and they have some friendly employees that are very helpful and respectful!

  14. People at the Kroger in Mt Gilead aren’t very friendly. The aisles are always crowded due to online shopping.

  15. I went to Kroger in Shively, and Yolanda was the most helpful employee ever. I was looking for batteries, and Yolanda came over and helped me to find them! Amazing world-class service. Thank you, Kroger.

  16. I have shopped at Smith’s for years in Burley, ID, and have always had a positive experience. Even if something went wrong with my purchase, it was fixed.

  17. I shop at Kroger in Stockbridge, Hudson Bridge Road. The employees are helpful there, especially Brandon in the meat market and Sandra at the self-check. They greet you warmly, are knowledgeable, and are always ready to help.

  18. I shop at Kroger in Humble, TX. The store is always well-stocked, and the employees are amicable and helpful.

  19. Christopher Koutnik

    An excellent shopping experience. Well-stocked shelves with all my favorite brands. E-coupons and Kroger Card discounts are beneficial and appreciated. A very efficient staff is on hand at Kroger Springfield, OH.

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