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Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard

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Welcome to the world of Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Whether you’re a seasoned Kroger shopper or a newcomer, let’s dive into the critical aspects of this card.

Kroger 50 Fuel points is a free reward for whoever participates in the survey.

Introduction to Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Application Methods and Activation

Applying methods:

  • You can apply for a Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard online or by phone. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Shopper’s card number yet; one will be assigned to you.
  • Yes, you can even use your significant other’s Shopper’s card number to apply for this card.
  • For more details, visit

Checking Application Status:

  • After applying, you’ll receive immediate feedback online. If your account got approved, your card should arrive within 7-10 business days.
  • Call 800-947-1444 to check your application status with a U.S. bank.
  • Once your card arrives, call 888-200-9959 to activate it.

Rewards and Benefits

Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard benefits for customers
  • You can get up to 5% Cash Back on mobile wallet & Kroger Pay purchases.
  • Customers may get up to 2% Cash Back if they purchase inside Kroger stores.
  • 1% Cash Back if you purchase outside of Kroger stores.
  • Named one of America’s Best Loyalty Programs by Newsweek & Statistica for 2023.
  • Enjoy a free Next-Day Delivery Boost membership.
  • Every day, you can save an additional 25¢ per gallon of fuel when redeeming Fuel Points at Kroger-owned fuel centers.

Remember, there’s no annual fee for this card. If you’re already a cardholder, you can redeem your free $59 Boost Membership.

Terms and Conditions: In Brief Only.

  1. When you open an account with U.S. Bank, we’ll need your legal name, address, date of birth, tax identification number, and other details to comply with U.S. law. For businesses, we might ask for additional documents to verify the entity’s existence and status.
  2. The BANK reserves the right to modify APRs, fees, and other account terms based on your experience with the U.S. Bank National Association and its affiliates, as outlined in the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.
  3. The bank first uses the payment amount to cover your Minimum Payment for U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plans and U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Loans (if you have any).
  4. Then, any remaining amount is applied to non-Fixed Payment Program balances, prioritizing the highest to lowest APR.

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