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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Thank you for visiting the website, which is not part of The Kroger Co. family of companies. To participate in the Kroger’s customer satisfaction survey, visit is only for educational purposes and is not associated with the official Kroger company in any way.

As you explore our digital platforms, it’s essential to understand the terms that govern your use.

For a better understanding of users, we have briefly discussed Kroger’s terms and conditions here.

Kroger’s Terms & Conditions: Briefly Discussed Here.

  • These Kroger’s terms outline your rights and responsibilities when using websites and mobile applications. Whether you’re browsing for recipes, managing your shopping list, or exploring digital coupons, these terms apply.
  • Remember that your use of the website and app signifies your acceptance of these conditions.
  • Privacy is a priority at Kroger. These terms explain how we handle your personal information, protect your privacy, and ensure data security.
  • Learn about data collection, cookies, and your rights as a user.
  • If you’re using Kroger’s convenient pickup or delivery services, these terms govern your experience.
  • Understand the process, fees, and any limitations related to these services.
  • Kroger’s Boost Loyalty Program offers personalized deals and rewards. Familiarize yourself with the terms to maximize your savings.
  • Learn about earning points, redeeming rewards, and program rules.
  • For those who use Kroger’s Ship application, these terms provide guidance.
  • Explore shipping options, return policies, and other relevant details.
  • Sometimes, things go differently than planned. These terms cover refunds and returns.
  • Know your rights and the process for returning products.
  • If you opt-in to receive alerts and promotional messages via SMS, these terms apply.
  • Understand how Kroger communicates with you via text messages.
  • Kroger is committed to ensuring all functionality and content is accessible to all customers.
  • Learn more about accessibility features and accommodations.

Fuel Points Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Fuel points are a valuable perk for Kroger shoppers. These terms explain how the program works.
  • Discover how to earn and redeem fuel points.
  • Kroger’s digital and paper coupons come with specific conditions.
  • Stay informed about coupon policies and restrictions.


As you engage with Kroger’s services, take a moment to review these terms. They empower you as a user and help maintain a positive experience for everyone. Remember, by using Kroger’s platforms, you’re agreeing to abide by these rules.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official Terms and Conditions page.

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