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The Kroger Co – Everything About Kroger

The Kroger Co – Everything About Kroger

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Kroger is an American retail company. They operate 2,750 grocery retail stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia. It serves 11 million customers daily.

Kroger’s mission is to Feed the Human Spirit by providing quality products.

Before learning about the company’s history and commitments, make sure to participate in its customer survey at feedback.


Founded in 1883 by Barney Kroger, it started as a single grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kroger was one of the first grocery chains to operate its own bakeries, meat plants, and dairy plants. It also introduced self-service shopping and in-store pharmacies.

Kroger expanded through mergers and acquisitions with other regional chains, such as Dillon Companies, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, and Roundy’s.

In 2022, Kroger completed its biggest deal ever by acquiring Albertsons, the parent company of Safeway, Vons, and other brands.

Business Model

Kroger’s business model is based on providing quality, value, and convenience to its customers through a variety of revenue streams, including grocery items, pharmacy products, fuel, and specialty products.

Multi-Department Stores are where you can find everything from fresh produce to household essentials.

The primary supermarket format offers a wide range of groceries and pharmacy services. It has got 2,256 pharmacies in our combo stores.

Kroger is a food-making powerhouse with 35 food manufacturing facilities that produce everything you eat in-store.

Kroger has 1,585 supermarket fuel centers across the USA.

Under Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jewelers, the company runs 170 jewelry stores with a high margin and cash flow.

Kroger’s Commitments

At Kroger, they believe that no one should go hungry and no food should go to waste. That’s why Kroger Co. launched the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative in 2018, which is a social and environmental impact plan.

The goal is to improve access to affordable, fresh food for everyone, now and in the future.

Kroger is providing over 3 billion meals to communities by 2025 through surplus food recovery and redistribution.

The company honors farmers, workers, and natural resources by ensuring food fulfills its highest purpose of feeding people.


Innovation Fund

The Kroger Co. is committed to making a difference in the world, and one of its impactful initiatives is the Innovation Fund.

The Innovation Fund is like a superhero cape for entrepreneurs and innovators with fresh ideas, who are the stars of this show. It’s a $10 million fund that invests in solutions to improve food security and prevent food waste.

In 2021, the Innovation Fund awarded grant funding totaling $2.5 million to innovators.

Kroger conducts open calls for applicants who are eligible for innovation to submit their ideas and solutions related to food waste prevention and sustainability.

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