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Kroger Health Services

Kroger Health Services

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Kroger Health Services provides personalized care to each patient, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care possible. Kroger Health Services offers a range of services, including primary care, behavioral health, occupational health, physical therapy, and more. You can also access specialty services such as cardiology, dermatology, neurology, and gastroenterology.

After buying products from the Kroger store, take their customer satisfaction survey at feedback.

Kroger Health Services also offers vaccinations, health screenings, and health education programs to help you stay informed and healthy. One of the critical advantages of Kroger Health Services is its convenience.

Additionally, Kroger Health Services is committed to providing affordable care and accepts most insurance plans. With its comprehensive range of services, experienced medical professionals, and commitment to affordability and convenience, Kroger Health Services is an ideal choice for all your healthcare needs.

Healthcare Departments

When you walk into a Kroger store, you’re not just entering a grocery store. You’re stepping into a place where 24,000 healthcare professionals are ready to help you.

These experts include pharmacists, dietitians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. They’re prepared to provide top-notch health services and care for customers.


Pharmacy services are award-winning in the USA, with licensed pharmacists providing personalized care.

Kroger’s pharmacies go beyond filling prescriptions. They offer services like vaccinations, specialty pharmacy care for chronic illnesses, and medication adherence programs.

Kroger’s vaccine services are available seven days a week, with evening hours.

The Little Clinic

The Little Clinic

There is a tiny hospital available inside the store, ‘The Little Clinic,’ where Kroger staff provide high-quality patient-centered health services.

The Little Clinic operates 225 locations right inside Kroger stores.

The Little Clinic started in 2003 with its first locations in Louisville, Kentucky, offering a new model for accessible and affordable healthcare.

The company has introduced a new model that was needed to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for busy individuals.

The clinic accepts the majority of insurance plans.


Kroger’s Telenutrition service lets you chat with a registered dietitian from the comfort of Kroger’s home.

Kroger Nutrition service

By using Telenutrition, you can get in touch with certified dietitians online. Get personalized advice and make informed choices while you shop

Get advice based on your needs, support your immune system, and make informed choices while you shop.

OptUP® Nutrition Ratings:

Have you ever wondered how healthy that cereal really is?

Kroger’s OptUP® tool analyzes food labels and ingredients to calculate an item’s nutrition.

Armed with this info, you can make smarter choices for your items.

Kroger’s Health Tools and Resources

Schedule an Appointment:

  • Manage your prescriptions and Kroger’s available vaccinations, and schedule health screenings.
  • Schedule an Appointment now from this link.

Find a Pharmacy or Clinic Near You:

  • Use the pharmacy locator at Kroger’s Kroger pharmacy nearby.
  • The Little Clinic practices are available in select states.

Learn About Telenutrition:

  • To discover how virtual nutrition consultations can benefit you, read here.
  • Unfortunately, Telenutrition services aren’t available in New York and Alaska.

Remember, Kroger isn’t just about groceries; it’s about your health, too.

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